Captain Frank H. Ball and Exec. William M. Rakow 1943

Junior Officers 1945

Crew Members 1945

Movie Night, Crews Mess Hall
Loading Machine Drill
               Three for Liberty Ashore                Card Game on Deck  
Joe Twaska, S1/c, NYC, July 1943
Lt. (jg) Dick Weston, Honolulu, 1943

Ed Lomb, GM3/c, Ken Dahms, GM2/c

Fred Chapman, GM3/c John Dudiak,

GM1/c  Panama City, July 1943

        Joseph Medley, Jr., GM3/c
                Orvin R. James, GM3/c
             James Benscoter, GM3/c

Roy Tattersall FC2/c and Martin Lawson GM2/c

on leave Rockland, MA 1943

Roy Tattersall FC2/c and Martin Lawson GM2/c
           Kenneth J. Nelson, GM2/c

Tony Ammerata, S1/c, W.W. Anderson GM3/c, Andy Kusch, S1/c, Joseph Seif,GM2/c, Kenneth Dahms, GM2/c, Manila, P.I., May 1945


Jim Benscoter, GM3/c; Ken Dahms, GM2/c; Scotty, FC3/c;  Chas. Wohlitka, TM3/c,

Manila, P.I., May 1945

Chas. Wohlitka, TM3/c; Scotty, FC3/c;

Ken Dahms, GM2/c; Jim Benscoter,  GM3/c, Manila, P.I., May 1945


Walt Musial, S1/c, C. L. Andreason, S2/c,

Les Wolfgang, Cox, Len Smink, S1/c,

K. Everman, FC3/c & F. Speidel, SK2/c

Robert T. Hill, BM2/c



Walt Musial, S1/c, C. L. Andreason, S2/c

Len Smink, S1/c, Les Wolfgang, Coxswain,

F. Speidel, SK2/c, K. Everman, FC3/c

Len Smink, S1/c, Roy Sickmeier, S1/c, R. M. Anderson, Y3c, Jack Lett, S2/c, F. Speidel, SK2/c, Wm. Armeno, Cook3/c, Ralph Angove, S2/c


Japanese Destroyers Kure and Hasu, Tsingtao, China, September 1945

Japanese Destroyers, Tsingtao, China,

September 1945


Muster of Crew of Tired Japanese Cans,

Tsingtao, China, September 1945

Japanese Admiral Receives His Orders from USS Stevens Officer of the Deck, Tsingtao, China,

Sept. 1945


Capt. Schelling Receives Chinese Admiral Sheh and Aide, Tsingtao, China Sept. 1945

Quizzing the Former Enemy, Japanese Interpreter,

Lt. Imma & Lt. Tory of Japanese Navy

Lt. Jim Durborow, OOD and Others

Released Civilian Prisoners of Japan aboard Stevens

in Tsingtao, China - 1945

Ray Lalowski, Ships Cook2/c and Friends
Ernest Fredette, FC2/c and Martin Lawson, GM2/c
Radio Shack - Listening To Tokio Rose
Bill Sayless, S1/c & C. Hill, RM3/c




Cliff Moore CEM, Al Duzy Warrant Mach. and Herod Storms, CEM, San Pedro 1945

At Left, Roy Hefley, CCS, Bob Willman CRAD and other Chiefs

San Pedro, CA November 1945






Cliff CEM and Betty Moore

on board in San Pedro, CA 1945

J. Kilmurray CGM, V. O. Veal CGM, H. Storms CEM, Al Duzy Warrant Mach., Villman, A. Lea CWT, Nov. 1945

Deck Division

Mike Lydon, Cox, Martin Lawson, GM 2/c,

Frank Harvey, Torp 3/c, Jesse Robertson,F 1/c

Virgil Maag, S1/c, Charles E. Rausch, SOM3/c

Charles Hill, RM3/c


Lieutenant (jg) Richard M. Davis