September 23 - October 3, 2004

Hosted by Association President Jim and Versie Durborow

Total attendance 35 with 13 shipamtes including 3 plankowners

      Attendees:  Ruth Blanchard and son Jim; Bill and Mary Curtis; Ken* and Lannette Dahms; Lloyd and Ruth Davis; Jim and Versie Durborow; Keith and Lupe Everman; Roy and Lorraine Hefley; Art and Joanne Jarvis; Tim Johnson; Stan and Eleanor Lappen; Mary McIntosh and son Gary; Darrell and Hazel Miller; John and Virginia Page; Virginia Rasmussen and Charlie Lindersmith; Alice Rickman and Doris Graham; Vincent and Jean Stegenga; Chet* and Ruth Thomason; Dick* and Harriet Weston.


      Friday we had a bus tour of Offut AFB with a buffet lunch at the Officers Club.  In the afternoon, the bus left for the Durham Western Heritage Museum.  There we saw interesting exhibits and diorama of early times in the West.  Saturday we boarded a bus for the new Strategic Air Command Museum some distance west of Omaha where we were duly impressed with all the famous military aircraft from the smallest to the biggest all inside a 300,000 square foot (7.5 acres) enclosed facility.  In the afternoon we drove next door to the Mahoney State Park where we had another delicious buffet in the main lodge house.  Sunday morning we had an Association business meeting and in the evening there was the banquet.  The after dinner speaker was our own Stan Lappen who gave an interesting account of some of the events that happened to the Stevens that proved her to be a very lucky ship.

Strategic Air & Space Museum, Ashland, NE
Strategic Air & Space Museum, Ashland, NE
Gary & Mary McIntosh
Bill & Mary Curtis
John & Virginia Page
Stan & Eleanor Lappen

Gary McIntosh & Dick Weston

Autographing "War Diary USS Stevens DD-479"

Ruth Thomason; Versie Durborow

Ruth Blanchard & Son Jim


Darrell & Hazel Miller

Virginia Rasmussen & Charlie Lindersmith

Roy Hefley; Ken & Lannette Dahms

Arthur & Joanne Jarvis

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