Total Attendance 64 with 39 Shipmates including 17 Plankowners

Front row (on floor): Jim Mahon, Bob Small, Vernon Rich*, Jean Wells, Calvin Smith, Chuck DeLand, Stan Lappen, George DuPay*, Julia and Bill Storms*, Michael Lydon.

Second Row (seated): JoAnn Mahon, Ruth Small, Lois Bukes, Florence Mulligan, Irma Lydon, Audrey Sloan, Louanna DeLand, Lucky Lappen, Helen Francis,

Kay DuPay, Joyce Willman.

Third and Fourth row: Margaret and Frank Ryan*, Ardelle Rich, Al* and Jean Wanamaker, Darrell and Hazel Miller, Orvin and Mae James, Harold and Roberta Skinner,

Rosalie and Louis Williams*, Len and Dot Smink, Marshall and Dot Fesperman*, Ira and Jennie Stark, Joe and Eloise Seif, Dick and JoAnn Bond, Don and Pat Gould,

Betty Edwards and Forrest Speidel, Eileen Berry.

Back row: Dan Meegan*, Bob Hill, Murray Hoffman*, Leonard DesRochers*, Frank Byrne*, Melvin Adamec*, Frank R. Deaver*, Melvin S. Sloan, Ted Nielsen*, Bert Bickel,

Maurice Mulligan*, Marion Riddle, Howard Bowers*, Bill Francis, Bill Saless, Harold Berry.

*  Plankowners